Beth Haven Baptist Church

A Haven of Rest For the Saint of God


About Us


Beth Haven is an Independent Baptist Church located in the northeast part of Morgantown, West Virginia, in the Cheat Lake community.



The founding pastor, Fred Bennett, was sent out from First Baptist Church of Howland (Ohio) in 1980, and founded Northside Baptist Church of Morgantown.  After getting the church established, Fred & Beth went into Jewish missions and ministry.  Jack Misner, the 2nd. pastor also came from First Baptist of Howland.  Jack & Claudia served the church from 1984-1990.  During that time, the congregation moved across town and purchased a larger building and changed the name from Northside Baptist to Beth Haven Baptist.  In September of 1990 the church called David M. Coe, a native of Michigan, to be their 3rd. pastor.  David & Shannon have been serving the congregation for 32 years.



Because David grew up in a pastor's home, and was trained for the ministry in a local church, his approach to ministry does not fall into the various "camps" or colleges that so many pastors often identify themselves with.  We are an independent Baptist congregation, but we DO NOT identify with the movement of Independent Baptists which are commonly called "the IFB".

David reads the works of the Puritans as well as men such as Calvin, Luther, Bunyan, Owen, Gurnall, Gill, Spurgeon, Edwards, Warfield, Henry, Lloyd-Jones, Pink, Ryle, etc.



We are not a gimmicks & programs oriented church. If you are looking for a church with youth programs, children's churches, contests, prizes, and a carnival atmosphere, then we are not the right church for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a church where your family can worship the Lord together; a place that emphasizes strong, biblical, expository preaching, as well as congregational singing (instead of special music), then we encourage you to come visit us!



We are against shallow soul-winning. We preach faith and repentance toward Christ, which produces true conversions. Most of our converts were led to the Lord after sitting through several hours of home Bible study with the pastor. We are not interested in building a large membership of unconverted people. Our goal is a church that pleases the Lord, not a church that impresses men.



Beth Haven is a congregation of about 50+ people who are of modest means, ranging in age from young adult to seniors. Beth Haven is home to many young families with children, as well as a handful of college students from West Virginia University (WVU) and surrounding colleges.  Several of our families drive in from 45 to 70 minutes away.